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We Are The E-2 Visa Franchise Specialists

We Match E-2 Visa Applicants with Successful Franchises
Partner with a Nationally Recognized Franchise To Assist in Obtaining Your E-2 Visa

About the USA E-2 Visa Program:

The United States of America E-2 Visa program allows residents of 80 treaty countries to reside in the USA through business ownership. Benefits of the E-2 include the ability to renew the visa every 2-5 years (depending on country of origin) for an indefinite period of time and maintain US residency as long as the business is operating profitably.

Additionally, spouses and dependents of the investor are eligible to enter the USA under the E-2 and may apply for US work authorization. While there is no set minimum amount to qualify for the program investors should be prepared to provide a "substantial investment" The business must not be considered "marginal" and should provide jobs for US workers.

About the Matching Process for E-2 Visa

Investing in a well known, established franchise brand offers a number of benefits over starting a business. Immigration Officials will be familiar with a national franchise brand, unlike a business with little or no history. Additionally, by partnering with a franchise, E-2 Investors are able to readily able to provide officials with required documentation such as full and complete business plans, operational manuals and extensive histories of success.


A Nationally recognized franchise brand is likely to be perceived favorably by immigration officials over an unknown business.

By investing in a franchise you have the ability to immediately provide immigration officials with much of the required E-2 paperwork such as business plans, forecasts and operational manuals. Creating this on your own could cost thousands.

An established franchise will have a higher overall chance of long term success than a start-up business. And as your stay in the USA is completely dependent on your business remaining profitable and employing US workers; success is critical.


Effective Matching Process: We are partnered with hundreds of franchises that qualify for the E-2 Visa and have expressed an active interest in working with Foreign Nationals. During an initial consultation with your Franchise City specialis, you will discuss your budget, business background, goals, location of interest and other pertinent details.
Following the call we provide a short list of franchises that match your criteria and provide background on each. Once the list has been further refined by you, we then introduce you directly to the franchise to begin the discovery process.

Cost is Free: There are no fees for our E-2 Visa franchise consulting and your franchise will not cost you more by using our services . If and when the franchise is purchased by you our firm receives a placement fee from the franchisor.

Legal Specialist Partners: Our recommended E-2 visa solicitor partners include ex- Department of Justice specialists ensuring your application, if eligible, will be approved in the shortest time possible with minimal complications. If you prefer you can also work with a legal specialist of your own choosing.

You do Not Necessarily Have to Buy the Franchise Before Being Approved for the E-2 Visa: This is an often misunderstood step of the E-2 Visa process. While you do not need to actually purchase the business for your visa approval you will need the funds to be allocated to the venture, and provide proof that your funding was legally obtained. (Not applicable for all franchises or every application)


A List Of Treaty Countries Eligible for the E-2 Visa

Please note that this list is for informational purposes only and not updated in real time. Additional requirements may exist for certain countries. Always speak with your solicitor to confirm eligibility.

Country Classification

Albania E-2
Argentina E-1
Argentina E-2
Armenia E-2
Australia E-1
Australia E-2
Austria E-1
Austria E-2
Azerbaijan E-2
Bahrain E-2
Bangladesh E-2
Belgium E-1
Belgium E-2
Bolivia E-1
Bolivia E-2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 11 E-1
Bosnia and Herzegovina 11 E-2
Brunei E-1
Bulgaria E-2
Cameroon E-2
Canada E-1
Canada E-2
Chile E-1
Chile E-2
China (Taiwan) 1 E-1
China (Taiwan) 1 E-2
Colombia E-1
Colombia E-2
Congo (Brazzaville) E-2
Congo (Kinshasa) E-2
Costa Rica E-1
Costa Rica E-2
Croatia 11 E-1
Croatia 11 E-2

Czech Republic 2 E-2
Denmark 3 E-1
Denmark E-2
Ecuador E-2
Egypt E-2
Estonia E-1
Estonia E-2
Ethiopia E-1
Ethiopia E-2
Finland E-1
Finland E-2
France 4 E-1
France 4 E-2
Georgia E-2
Germany E-1
Germany E-2
Greece E-1
Grenada E-2
Honduras E-1
Honduras E-2
Iran E-1
Iran E-2
Ireland E-1
Ireland E-2
Israel E-1
Italy E-1
Italy E-2
Jamaica E-2
Japan 5 E-1
Japan 5 E-2
Jordan E-1
Jordan E-2
Kazakhstan E-2
Korea (South) E-1

Korea (South) E-2
Kosovo 11 E-1
Kosovo 11 E-2
Kyrgyzstan E-2
Latvia E-1
Latvia E-2
Liberia E-1
Liberia E-2
Lithuania E-2
Luxembourg E-1
Luxembourg E-2
Macedonia, Former (FRY) E-1
Macedonia, Former (FRY) E-2
Mexico E-1
Mexico E-2
Moldova E-2
Mongolia E-2
Montenegro 11 E-1
Montenegro 11 E-2
Morocco E-2
Netherlands 6 E-1
Netherlands 6 E-2
Norway 7 E-1
Norway 7 E-2
Oman E-1
Oman E-2
Pakistan E-1
Pakistan E-2
Panama E-2
Paraguay E-1
Paraguay E-2
Philippines E-1
Philippines E-2
Poland E-1

Poland E-2
Romania E-2
Serbia 11 E-1
Serbia 11 E-2
Senegal E-2
Singapore E-1
Singapore E-2
Slovak Republic 2 E-2
Slovenia 11 E-1
Slovenia 11 E-2
Spain 8 E-1
Spain 8 E-2
Sri Lanka E-2
Suriname 9 E-1
Suriname 9 E-2
Sweden E-1
Sweden E-2
Switzerland E-1
Switzerland E-2
Thailand E-1
Thailand E-2
Togo E-1
Togo E-2
Trinidad & Tobago E-2
Tunisia E-2
Turkey E-1
Turkey E-2
Ukraine E-2
United Kingdom 10 E-1
United Kingdom 10 E-2
Yugoslavia 11 E-1
Yugoslavia 11 E-2

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